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Baylea is the founder of BWF, a badass mom of 3 boys, Golden Gloves boxer, Certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and all-around powerhouse. Expect nothing but hard work, real talk, and big laughs.

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Whether she's sweating (virtually) alongside you during the week, working to keep you active and engaged in monthly challenges, or guiding you through your Pilates Stretch, Michelle is here to support you on your BODSQUAD journey. Expect positive, encouraging and challenging classes. She'll be your biggest cheerleader!

Michelle also takes care of all the BODSQUAD admin. If you're communicating with the BODSQUAD, there's a good chance your communicating with Michelle 

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Dylan is a dog mom, sweaty workout enthusiast, nutrition coach and Certified personal trainer. Loves nothing more than coaching people to feel their best and push to places they didn’t think possible. 

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