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BWF is now taking on more clients!

Looking to make your fitness more personal? Due to high demand BWF is now taking on new clients. We are offering

  • In-Person Personal Training

  • Virtual Personal Training

  • From the convenience of your own home

To find out more, please email





Sports and fitness has always been a huge part of Julia's life! Growing up in Newfoundland she spent most of her time outside or playing hockey and volleyball. Julia has been lifting weights for 10+ years and became more committed within the past 5 years, getting into body building, CrossFit and Olympic lifting. Since moving to Victoria she has met some amazing people in the fitness community that have helped and pushed her to pursue personal training. Julia loves learning, teaching and connecting with people.  Being able to apply that to PT feels amazing. She is stoked to have the opportunity to work with the awesome ladies at BWF! 


Baylea has been in fitness her whole life but began personal training while she worked her way through her diploma in Massage Therapy.


With 15yrs of training experience, Baylea's clients see amazing results through strength training, boxing and high intensity workouts.


Baylea's specialty is pushing you right to your limit every time and empowering you to do things you didn’t know you could. 



Emma has been moving her entire life - from competitive swimming to rowing to triathlons with many other sports in between.


With her BSc in Kinesiology, Emma takes a holistic, evidence based approach to movement, ensuring her clients are moving safely and effectively to build lasting results.


She believes that movement empowers people to live a more joyful life and works with her clients to ensure they are having fun while moving their bodies!



 I was raised by a single mother alongside two sisters and three brothers most of my life and faced adversity at a very young age. The adversity I faced is one of the main reasons I got into sports and fitness.

The day I started my fitness journey was the day my life changed in a different direction.


Fitness to me it’s everything, we get to challenge ourselves, show ourselves commitment, and drive, but most importantly when we feel like giving up there’s always more to give. I realize all it takes is the right person to change your life. So why not be that one person?

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