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3 Month Challenge Package

Baylea challenges YOU to change your mindset and change your body in 3 months!!

Challenge Includes

- May 15 - August 15th

- 5 workouts a week, from your home with minimal equipment 

- Weekly virtual talks with Baylea, to educate and hold you accountable 

- Healthy recipes and meal ideas 

- 30 minute weekly stretch/recovery session 




Forget hours of cardio….. one hour with Baylea will get the job done!



What You Need

We use minimal space and equipment in Bodsquad Virtual but here is the list of items we use frequently 

  • Hand weights (10-15lbs) if you are a beginner I would start with 10's

  • A short loop band (or a few - they break now & then)

  • A long resistance band with handles 

  • A chair or bench to step up on or use as a prop for some exercises

  • Swiss Ball (if you have it)

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